Internships as Part of a Master Degree in Criminal Justice

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Are Internships a Part of a Master Degree in Criminal Justice?

Internships as Part of a Master Degree in Criminal Justice

Education Connection Tip: If you do decide to obtain a criminal justice masters degree online, it is highly recommended that you consider a program that offers internship opportunities in the area of interest to you. Internships are an excellent way to not only gain firsthand experience, but to make invaluable connections that can lead to future employment.

Here are some of the questions I suggest that you ask prior to determining if the school's internship program is a reputable one, and/or one that will work to meet your needs:

  • Do you offer internships in ...........(field of interest to you)?
  • If so, can you provide a list of internship options for me to review?
  • What is your internship application/acceptance process?
  • Is the internship assigned or self-determined?
  • Will I have to interview as part of the internship selection process?
  • How certain can I be that I will be provided with an internship opportunity that will be relevant to my area of career interest (again, this is another reason to know your area of interest prior to degree seeking)?
And remember, you are paying for school, so you are, thus, paying to get the best possible "master" level experience available to you. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want and need.



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