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Why Is It Important for My Online School to Be Accredited?

Online Criminal Justice Schools and Accreditation

Accreditation is an essential component of any degree program that is considered reputable or meeting the standards for a field. Online universities are no exception. If you are interested in obtaining your criminal justice degree online you should ensure that the online school you choose is part of an accredited program.

The reason that accreditation is so important is that this means that the school and curriculum in the field have received the seal of approval from the field's governing body of educational experts and that the school is acknowledged as having curriculum that meets those standards. Translation? If you want a job in the field, then you should attend a school that has obtained accreditation.

What are the Technological Requirements Needed to Obtain an Online Degree?

Technology Requirements

While this is generally more of an issue in graphic design and other related graphics/art programs, technology requirements can also be a necessary consideration if you are interested in online degree obtainment. It is suggested that prior to entering any online degree program and/or class that you be certain that the technological capacity that you have is suitable to your needs for that particular course/program. If it is something simple, like a software program, you may have to spend a few extra dollars for the purpose (but considering you will be saving money over time, this shouldn't count as a huge expense). Most online degree programs, particularly in an area like criminal justice, will require basic online access and some sort of writing software.

How Do I Know Which Level of Degree to Consider?

Knowing What Degree For Which You Qualify

It is important to note that even though online programs tend to move faster and are sometimes easier to enter, there are still regulations and expectations in terms of your former education that will be considered. For example, you may have a high school diploma, but long to obtain a masters degree in criminal justice online. If that is the case, you will have to first obtain a bachelors degree from an online accredited program in the field before you qualify for entry into a masters program. The same will be true if you want a PhD. It will first be necessary to obtain a masters degree before you can be considered for a PhD program. Sometimes, you can be accepted to a joint masters/PhD program.

How Can I Determine the Quality of an Online Degree Program?

Quality of Online Degree Programs

Since online degree programs are springing up left and right (and they don't have long held reputations, or even lines of alums to testify on their behalf), it is very difficult to determine which programs are reputable and which are not. It's important to conduct rigorous research prior to determining which school is most appropriate to seek your criminal justice degree. Find out the following information prior to selecting a school:

  • Is this school accredited?
  • How is the staff/faculty? You can call, ask to interview someone (or a few people) over the phone, visit the offices (if possible) and even ask for some alum contacts.
  • Do online research regarding these schools and make sure there are no outstanding complaints or glaring problems
  • Ask for a full explanation of their curriculum programs and check out the information with a professional in the field....make sure that what they are teaching is important and well-respected.

Would I Be Able to Earn a Degree in Public Administration Online?

Online Degrees in Public Administration

One specific area of focus in the criminal justice field is public administration. Jobs such as city/county manager, systems analyst and industrial relations name only a few of the opportunities available to those who seek a degree program in this area. Even better now, is that if you are seeking to get a promotion or make a career change in the field, you don't have to quit your day job. Several online criminal justice programs offer degrees in public administration. Two popular ones are Norwich University and Walden University.

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