Drawbacks of a Master Degree in Criminal Justice

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What are the Drawbacks of Obtaining a Degree in Criminal Justice?

Drawbacks of a Master Degree in Criminal Justice

While a master degree in criminal justice can certainly enhance your career and earning potential, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Master degree programs can be very expensive, and unless earning potential is significant, can take a very long time to pay off. Note: One alternative in which to save money is to consider an online masters degree program.
  • Before you look into programs yourself and put down money, check into your agency and do a little footwork. You may find that funding is available for you to go back to school. Note: If your company agrees to this, they may ask you to sign a contract agreeing to stay with them for a certain duration of time.
  • The criminal justice field is rapidly expanding currently. This is a field that offers most opportunities based on contacts/connections. Since this field is booming, it may be smart to work for a while, obtain contacts, and then go back to enhance your degree later.



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