Criminal Justice Careers: Federal Government

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What Are My Opportunities in Working for the Federal Government if I Obtain My Degree in Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice Careers: Federal Government

Education Connection Tip: If you are interested in working for the federal government you will need to obtain a minimum of a bachelors degree (and you will be far more marketable if you obtain a traditional or online criminal justice graduate degree). While you can be considered as an employee for the Federal Bureau of Investigation with a bachelors degree, the chances of success will most likely increase if you obtain your masters. It should also be noted that once you obtain a job for the federal government (or any branch of the government, for that matter), you will have to undergo additional training and education prior to your start date.

Working for the federal government is a unique opportunity, as it can offer placements abroad, increased room for advancement, and plenty of remarkable educational and experiential opportunities. Additionally, the federal government tends to treat employees with a high degree of professionalism, as well as care.

Some other job possibilities in federal government include an Immigration and Naturalization Service agent, Customs Agent, Criminologists (as a researcher or policy adviser for a federal agency), or Drug Enforcement Administration agent. Since your career options are broader in terms of the federal government, it is important to really hone your education, experience and skills set to match your long-term career interests. For example, if you are certain you want to work abroad it will be essential that you learn a foreign language (or two) so that you will be more marketable when it comes time for employment. A few other federal government opportunities to consider are working for the Secret Service (which requires a bachelors degree, usually in criminal justice, and outstanding physical health) and working as a U.S. Marshall (this way you would be working for the judicial branch of the government and be responsible for arresting a high number of federal fugitives).

It should also be noted that federal agencies, such as the FBI, do not only hire people with criminal justice degrees. The FBI, for example, is currently looking for agents with expertise in finance, computer technology, and foreign languages. So if you are certain that you want to work for the FBI, search their website/job opportunities regularly to determine which areas of specialty you should consider prior to obtaining your degree.



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