Corrections Field For Criminal Justice Majors

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What Can I Ex[ect from a Major in Corrections?

Corrections Field For Criminal Justice Majors

Education Connection Tip: If you are interested in being a correctional officer it's a good idea to at least earn a minimum of a bachelors degree in criminal justice. While you can obtain employment in a state or federal prison with a GED certification, it will leave you less likely to be picked for promotion and offer career growth later on.

Corrections is a major than can lead to a variety of entry-level and higher-level job opportunities. Generally, however, education is only a starting point and on the job training, as well as time of service in the field will indicate promotional opportunities. There are numerous ranks for corrections jobs, which start with being a correctional officer and go all the way to being a prison or correctional facility warden.

If you are interested in corrections as a possible career interest, there are numerous online criminal justice degree programs and campus degree programs to chose from. You should also consult others in the field and obtain some initial contacts, either through volunteer, internship or part-time job opportunities, prior to your job search. It is also recommended that you visit a few facilities prior to finishing your degree so that you get an accurate feel for what it would be like to work in that sort of environment.



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