Master Degree: Worth It Or Not

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Is a Master Degree in Criminal Justice Worth it or Not?

Master Degree: Worth It Or Not

Education Connection Tip: If you are seeking a job title, such as criminologist or public policy analyst, then you will be better off obtaining an online criminal justice masters degree, as you will need one in order to find a job upon graduation. These are just two examples, however, and the nuanced information available for each sub-specialty of criminal justice can vary depending upon several factors such as:

  • Previous work/current work in the field
  • Bachelor degree focus
  • Connections/Network potential
  • Other previously obtained master degrees that may be transferable to the field
  • Certainty of your area of interest
After you review all of the related tips, as well as the information provided here, it will still be necessary to make a decision based on your overall career interest and your knowledge of what the requirements are for that particular area of interest.



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