Determining Which Specialty Area In Which You Want to Focus

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How Do I Determine A Specialty Area in Which to Focus My Master Degree?

Determining Which Specialty Area In Which You Want to Focus

Education Connection Tip: If you are interested in obtaining a criminal justice masters degree online, but are not yet certain about which area of focus you want to consider, here are several suggestions:

  • Review the specialties listed on (in the master degree area) and determine at least two of these in which you plan to conduct more extensive research.
  • When you select these two, then conduct further research online and via the varying university programs offered to find out more about what you could expect from a master degree in these areas.
  • Research job postings related to those specialty areas
  • Review job openings in the areas that interest you and see if most job postings require a master degree and/or relevant experience
  • If you know anyone in the field, interview him/her about this job and ask if the degree programs are relevant to actual practice.



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