Is A Masters Degree Right For Me?

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How Do I Determine if Obtaining a Master Degree in Criminal Justice is Right for Me?

Is A Masters Degree Right For Me?

Education Connection Tip: There are several things to consider if you are interested in starting an online criminal justice masters degree programs:

  • Do I already have experience in the field? If you already have a bachelor in the field and/or relevant job experience, speak with peers/employers to determine if they feel this is a smart course of action. Ask people that you trust and people that you feel have been successful thus far. In other words, ask the people who have what you want.
  • Is the amount I will spend worth the benefits I will get in return? In order to answer this question, it is essential that you do the footwork and determine the area of specialty within the field of criminal justice that most interests you (paralegal, corrections, criminology, etc.). Research program costs, as well as potential job openings. Also, consider job tasks and potential benefit plans as well.
  • Is this a practical time for me? Look at both your current job, relationship, family situation and determine if this is the best and most efficient time in which to embark on an intensive learning expedition. Note: This can also be used to reverse progress for procrastinators, so try to be honest with yourself here.



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