Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Online

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Is it Possible to Obtain an Online Master Degree in Criminal Justice?

Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Online

Education Connection Tip: If you are interested in obtaining an online criminal justice masters degree, there are several important things for you to consider. It is essential to have already obtained a bachelors degree (and it is often helpful to have that degree in a similar field). Online master degree programs generally take between one to two years (in rare occasions three) and are specifically designed to focus on your area of particular interest within the field of criminal justice. Master degree programs are also geared toward two major audiences:

  • Current or budding professionals in the field who wish to increase their marketability/opportunity for leadership roles within the field
  • Budding academics who are obtaining a master degree in order to qualify for a PhD program (and eventually teach/conduct research in an academic setting).
It is strongly suggested that you conduct a significant amount of research within the field of criminal justice prior to determining if you would like to obtain an online master degree.



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