Women in Criminal Justice

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What Should I Know About Women and Criminal Justice?

Women in Criminal Justice

In terms of jobs and degree offerings for women in criminal justice, the opportunities are numerous. If you are interested in the field, you can break in -with the right degree and/or experience-in any of the previously described specialty areas.

If you are interested in the study of women and criminal justice behaviors and/or patterns, the research is more sparse. Women are less reported and researched in terms of criminal patterns and/or behaviors, so this means two things: the existing literature on women/criminal behaviors is limited AND the field is wide open for you budding professors and researchers out there. The Texas Woman's University's "Women and Criminal Justice" website offers statistical pattern data, domestic violence victim/perpetrator information, international data, women in law and so on. This page is not only comprehensive, but, again, a good depiction of some of the data you could expect to study if you chose to focus your higher degree in the area of women in criminal justice. The most important element of this site is that it offers countless links to other, more detailed, information.



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