Criminal Justice Field: Knowing Your Career Plans

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What is the Importance of Knowing your Career Plans prior to Obtaining a Criminal Justice Degree?

Criminal Justice Field: Knowing Your Career Plans

You should put in a great deal of time and research (in the way of contacting schools, reading literature, interviewing people in the field) prior to determining which area of criminal justice in which you want to focus your education (and ultimately career). This decision can greatly affect the specific degree level and program to which you apply. For example, if you are interested in criminology, you'd better be ready for the study long-haul, as a PhD is generally required. It should also be noted that level of degree and time in school is not always an accurate determinate of how much money you will make upon graduation. Jobs and place of work vary in terms of pay scale. The good news is that most criminal justice jobs (especially those working for the government) come with great benefits. And don't feel pressured to decide today what you want to do, as it is better to take a little longer to make a decision and to have a more fruitful and fulfilling career life.



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