More Tips To Consider Prior to PhD Obtainment

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After Reviewing the Facts, Do I Still Want to Obtain a PhD in Criminal Justice?

More Tips To Consider Prior to PhD Obtainment

Many young people nowadays have grand intent to gain a higher education and even obtain a doctoral degree. These degrees have become a status symbol for our society, particulary linked to success, power and meaning. While a PhD is certainly an admirable accomplishment, and even a necessity when the potential candidate is interested (and really crazy about) in conducting research and/or working in a university; it should be noted that PhD's are not always the best road in which to enhance one's career.

Several areas of the criminal justice field, such as criminology and criminal psychology, do require PhD obtainment (in most cases). But most areas of the field do not, and, in actuality, most jobs in the field are better obtained through a solid academic career, coupled with valid experience and connections (which are less expensive to make in a work setting). PhD's are generally more appropriate for living an academic lifestyle.

The other important thing to consider prior to PhD obtainment is that a doctoral degree is not a promise for a higher paycheck (or even job, for that matter). There are plenty of really bright, overly educated people with no connections that do not get jobs right out of school. Additionally, PhD's generally require a very long amount of time and plenty of money.



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