Public Policy Analysis

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Can I Obtain a Degree in Public Policy Analysis and Work in the Criminal Justice System?

Public Policy Analysis

Public Policy generally refers to a field of study that focuses on various ways in which to address and solve social problems. This would include a focus on criminal justice issues that affect society. Public policy analysis, then, would include the study of laws, standards and regulations that generally affect these populations and, literally, "analysis" of patterns either related to behavior or implementation.

A focus in public policy is very common in PhD programs, especially those that relate to behavioral and sociological patterns/trends. Another criminal justice option for you to consider is the PhD in Public Policy Analysis. With this focus, you could do policy analysis and research for an agency that focuses on criminal law, criminal behavior, or another similar category. Additionally, you would also be able to teach at the university level, or possibly obtain work within a court or prison system.

It is important to note that public policy work can include a wide variety of research and study. It is suggested that if you are interested in studying public policy that you go visit the National Center for Policy Analysis website.



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