How Do I Know If I Am Interested in Criminology?

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What Is Criminology?

How Do I Know If I Am Interested in Criminology?

Criminology can be a confusing field to understand. Here are some basic components of the field to give you a quick idea of if this area of criminal justice would be a good fit for you.

Criminology was formerly lumped in with the sociology field. Since the expansion of criminal behavior has become a common topic in communities and the media, the study has become more and more specialized. Criminologists study behavioral theory, specifically related to criminal behavior. Research of behavioral patterns among populations is common, as is theoretical based writing and discussion. Cause and Effect relationships are a very integral part of the research. In effect, criminologists study sociological and psychological patterns, but stick to specific populations. Criminal psychologists tend to focus more on the psychological patterns, whereas criminologists tend to focus more on the sociological patterns.



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