Career Changers

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Is an Online Degree a Good Idea for a Career Changer?

Career Changers

Education Connection Tip: Many people who are interested in a criminal justice degree online are older or career changer students whom either have already had a regular college experience (meaning the social luxuries of on land programming) or do not have the financial or time support to enroll in a land based program. Online programs tend to be easier for career changers, as degree obtainment tends to take less time (bachelors degree programs can take as little as three years, as opposed to a regular four year degree, but have the same result), which is important when you are trying to conserve on time and money. Additionally, career changers generally do not have the luxury of giving up their day job to enroll in a full-time degree program. The nice thing about online degrees in this regard is that you will have more flexibility regarding class work and assignment completion.



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