State Police Training

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How Does State Police Training Differ From Local Police Training?

State Police Training

Training requirements and curriculum will certainly vary if you are seeking to be a state police officer or state trooper, than if you are planning to enter a local academy. For example, if you wanted to apply to be a state trooper in Louisiana, you would not only require citizenship and a clean ticket/driving record; but you would also require either 60 hours of college credit OR four years of law enforcement experience (or some combination of the two) prior to entry. Military experience is also looked highly upon. You would also have to pass physical and mental endurance tests.

Other requirements for being a state police officer can be vague and based upon subjective opinions/experiences of the training staff. For example, it is expected that you be of "good moral character" to enter the force. It is suggested that you find out more specifically what these terms mean, dependent upon the state and their variation of such a statement, prior to application. Certainly, knowing someone on the force is always a plus, as is having outstanding recommendation letters.



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