Police Training Requirements

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What are Common Requirements for Police Academy Training?

Police Training Requirements

Again, requirements for police training and entry into the police force are similar from district to district, but are dependent on the particular city/state for which you desire to work. For example, if you wanted to be a police officer for Philadelphia, you would have to live somewhere in the city for at least a year prior to being accepted. So that means even if you passed every exam, if you weren't a resident of the city for a minimum of one year, you would not yet qualify. Another common necessity that does not vary is the need to have a valid drivers license (including up-to-date payment of all former tickets or moving violations).

If you are interested in applying to the police academy, review certification and citizenship requirements for that particular city, district or state prior to your attempt to apply. This early research will provide you with increased ease and success throughout your career changing/or beginning process.



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