How To Select the Right Criminal Justice School

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How Do I Select the Right Criminal Justice School?

How To Select the Right Criminal Justice School

Education Connection Tip: Selecting an online college for a criminal justice degree should be a focused and serious process. It cannot be emphasized enough that the term "criminal justice" is a broad term for a very wide range of specialty areas and potential career opportunities. It is highly recommended that you go into your school selection process with some idea of what your long-term job interests are, especially if you are seeking to obtain a Masters or PhD in the field.

In summary, other things to consider regarding the school selection process are:

  • quality of program
  • accreditation
  • specialty areas/areas of focus
  • location
  • cost
  • time to obtain the degree
  • positive experience with the admissions department
  • reviews/interviews of current/former students
This school search process can be arduous if you do it correctly, but it can also be a lot of fun. Try to look at this early investment of research and time as something you are putting energy in to feed yourself and to further satiate your overall career/work and life experience. Now that is worth the investment!



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