Online PhD In Criminal Justice

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What are My Options in Terms of a PhD Program in Criminal Justice?

Online PhD In Criminal Justice

Chances are that if you have already decided to obtain a PhD in criminal justice, you have determined your area of specialty and, possibly, are considering attendance at the same university in which you obtained your masters. For those who are interested in obtaining their PhD coursework credits online, there are a few options, such as through Capella University and Walden University.

Capella University offers specialty degrees, such as the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Safety Criminal Justice Specialization and the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Safety Emergency Management Specialty (which can be linked to jobs/research for the Department of Homeland Security and/or university jobs).

If you are interested in obtaining a PhD online in the field of criminal justice, contact schools and request informational packets, interview contacts, and a list of possible career opportunities/frequency of job success upon graduation. It is also recommended that you thoroughly examine your job interests and if those interests require a PhD.

Many people mistakenly assume that a PhD in any field automatically ensures job security and financial success upon graduation. PhD programs are a huge financial and time investment and are not always necessary to obtain success in the job world. If you are interested in working as a professor or a criminal psychologist, however, this degree may be necessary.



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