Criminal Justice Resume

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How Do I Prepare a Resume for my Job Search?

Criminal Justice Resume

One important thing to consider when preparing your resume for a career in criminal justice is to specify what your area(s) of specialty are. You can emphasize this in your objective, your educational section and, most importantly in your experience section. It is likely that human resource or management personnel will only quickly glance at your resume prior to determining if they want to read further, so it is crucial that you enter key words relative to the specific job you are seeking. For example, put the word "forensics" or "forensic science" or "medical examination" in italics or bold if you are interested in this line of work.

There is no one sure fire formula for completing a resume in the criminal justice field, as each job description and potential employer will be unique. Tailor your resume and cover letter, as needed, for each specific job application. This task may seem tedious at first, but it will ensure you a higher standard of communication and a better representation of yourself and your skill set.



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