Other Criminal Justice Careers

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What Other Career Opportunities Will I Have with a Degree in Criminal Justice

Other Criminal Justice Careers

Education Connection Tip: Other job options to consider with a online degree in criminal justice are as follows:

  • Paralegal-Even though people used to become paralegals without a formal education in the field, increased competition has led to a necessity for higher education. It is highly recommended that you obtain a legal assistance degree from an online associates or bachelors program in criminal justice, or a university based department.
  • Private Security-Educational needs in the area of private security will vary dependent upon which level of security you are interested in and prior experience. Some people enter private security jobs with no education, while others attend legal studies programs (under the umbrella of criminal justice).
  • Crime Scene Investigation-This focus can vary in terms of educational and experiential expectations. It is necessary to be aware of state laws relative to forensics, as well as be physically comfortable maneuvering oneself in a variety of possibly hazardous settings (a lot of crimes occur in less than Utopian environments)!
  • Private Investigator-One can be a private investigator in a variety of job settings. For example, some private investigators work as independent practitioners, others work for investigative agencies and others get in to the field of corporate investigations.
  • Financial investigation is also an option (if you are interested in this area of expertise, you will also have to become a certified public accountant (CPA).
While this list does not include every possible career opportunity in the field of criminal justice, it does provide an overview of different types of careers to consider. If you are interested in any of these job options, it is suggested that you research your area of interest and try to visit the related agency or office nearest you so that you get a better understanding of what the actual career would be like.



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