Criminal Justice Careers: State Level Government

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What are Some Job Options on the State Level with a Degree in Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice Careers: State Level Government

If you are interesting in seeking a state-level position in the criminal justice field, you should consider obtaining at least a bachelors degree in the field. While you may be able to obtain employment with less education, your chances of career growth will be more limited in the long run. And even if you do work for an agency that is willing to pay for further education, having to go back to school and earn an additional degree later may take time away from enhancing your career.

State level careers in criminal justice can range from work as a forensic scientist to a probation/parole officer, to a mediator/dispute resolution counselor. It is important to identify your areas of interest prior to obtaining your degree. For example, if you are interested in forensic science, but you are interested in the more specific area of psychological profiling, you may have to get a joint degree (with a second focus in social science or psychology) to increase your job options upon graduation.



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