Criminal Justice Careers For The Government

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If I get my degree in Criminal Justice, What are My Options in Terms of Working for the Government?

Criminal Justice Careers For The Government

One of your options in pursuing a degree in criminal justice is to work for the government. The options within this context are:

  • Local government -- generally requires a minimum of an associates degree
  • State government -- generally requires minimum of bachelors degree
  • Federal government -- generally requires a minimum of an online criminal justice masters degree
While these indicated government branches and degree levels are quite typical, there is no fixed degree or job experience that is set in stone for a particular career, nor is a degree a guarantee that you will instantly find the job you are seeking. Search jobs, apply for internships, call and ask to schedule an informational interview as your near graduation from your criminal justice program. Some other suggestions include interviewing local police officers at the station in order to get your name and your interest out there right away. If you take these early steps, you will experience more confidence, less stress and more overall success when you start your government job search upon graduation.



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