Economic Crime Management

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What Can I Expect from a Major in Economic Crime Management?

Economic Crime Management

If you are interested in the economics that are part of crime investigation/management/fraud, then it is necessary that you have a strong grasp on numbers and statistics. Although this area of focus is less popular in the field of criminal justice, there are available programs that offer bachelors and masters level degrees in the field. It is also important to note that a similar degree may have a varied title, such as Fraud Management or Economic Crime Investigation.

Prior to obtaining a bachelors degree in the field of economic crime management, you should audit an economics course (either in high school, a community college or even through an online university) to make sure that this focus would be an appealing one for you. Take steps to further research this newer field and speak with employees or former students who work in this area. Some people who break into economic securities also have degrees in accounting, economics, and finance. There may be more than one road to travel, in this situation, to get to your desired end.



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