Paralegal Studies

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What Can I Expect from a Major in Paralegal Studies?

Paralegal Studies

Paralegal programs are part of the criminal justice degree and are available at both online and on campus. While it was once an option to obtain a paralegal job without formal training in the area, this is no longer the norm. It is expected that in order to be considered for a job as a paralegal that you acquire the necessary education prior to applying for a position.

Most paralegal programs will include legal studies and legal research curriculum. If you have a more specialized area of interest, such as real estate law or corporate law, for example, those programs are available as well.

Prior to choosing a paralegal program or school, you should look for certain requirements such as accreditation, certification and career support, and potential internship opportunities. Internship opportunities often lead to full-time employment upon graduation, or at the very least, offer initial contacts in the field.

You can obtain an associates degree in paralegal studies (as long as certification is acquired post-graduation), or a bachelors degree to further your career growth possibilities. No matter what course you decide to take, review at least three different programs thoroughly prior to making your decision. The school admissions office should be readily able to offer detailed curriculum options and internship information before you even apply.



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