Bond, James Bond...Or Not.

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What Else Should I Consider Prior to Obtaining My Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice?

Bond, James Bond...Or Not.

For some, obtaining a bachelors degree in criminal justice evokes images of James Bond, high tech artillery and secret passageways. Unfortunately, these are not realistic notions about the field and, if you do not realize this prior to seeking your degree, you may end up disappointed.

While there is great potential for excitement, creativity, and even helping others in the field, the chances of hoping into your Lear jet and landing on a mound of diamonds is not realistic. All jobs, including those in the field of criminal justice, include rote tasks and aspects that are less than exciting or fun.

Additionally, it is very important for you to consider your expectations and comfort around real-life situations and experiences. The field of criminal justice often involves seeing very painful realities about people and the world. The very fact that the field of criminal justice is rapidly expanding indicates a worsening in disparaging conditions. That means that while you may be needed or helpful in some situations, that you must be prepared to resolve that there are some in -place realities and systems that are locked and that it would take a universal overhaul (not one human being) to completely change those things. The bottom line is that if you are planning to go into this field wearing your superman cape, then it is suggested that you think through your motivations prior to doing so. And if you still decide to go into the field, then have a self-care plan of action in place right from the start!



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