Learning More About Areas of Curriculum/Career Specialty

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How Do I Learn More about Specialty Areas within the Field of Criminal Justice?

Learning More About Areas of Curriculum/Career Specialty

Once you decide to obtain your bachelors degree in criminal justice, you will then have to decide which specific area you would like to focus. This specialty area will be a key factor in determining your course curriculum, any available internship opportunities, as well as job interests/potential upon graduation. Some suggestions to consider prior to making a decision on this specialty are:

  • Talk to as many people in the field as you can and try to talk to people that work within various specialties in the area of criminal justice. It is very different to read a bio about a program and to have a conversation with someone who actually works in an area.
  • If you do not know anyone in the field, contact the schools in which you are interested and ask to be in contact with a program member or alumnae so that you can hear their first-hand experience on the program.
  • Search a variety of job websites to see what kind of employment is out there. Read the job requirements. Chances are you will find a recurring theme as to what the most lucrative and marketable areas of the field will be.
  • If you know you are interested in a specialty area that has less job offerings, try to self-advocate and obtain a part-time job, internship or apprenticeship prior to obtaining your degree. This way you can make sure that you want to put forth the effort to advance your education.



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