Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice: A Means to a Different End

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If I obtain my bachelors degree in criminal justice, do I have to work, specifically, in that field?

Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice: A Means to a Different End

If you want to obtain a masters degree in social work or a masters degree in political science, it is a good idea to obtain your bachelors degree in criminal justice (or one of the specialized fields in that area). For instance, if you decide to get a masters degree in social work, then your potential employers would know that you not only acquired clinical expertise in your education, but that you also gained experience/knowledge regarding issues like forensics, crime, court systems, etc. In this time of changing societal values, such a variety of experiences would prove quite marketable in the job world, as well as leave you more job options upon graduation (rather than if you obtained your undergrad and grad degree in only one area).



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