Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice: Career Overview

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What is a Career Overview of What I Can Expect with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice: Career Overview

Education Connection Tip: An online bachelor degree in criminal justice can provide a student with an excellent overview of the field and the possible career options available to them. Before entering the criminal justice field, take some time and research the schools and programs -- you may be surprised by what you find. Not only will you find job possibilities in the field and expected job functions for each area of focus, but you can also find the level of education required for your intended career path. For example, it is not required to obtain a bachelors degree prior to becoming a CIA agent. However, it is required to have a very clean history in terms of experience, finances and life choices. Additionally, job experience in the field can account for a lot.

You should also consider finding work in the criminal justice field as part of your education and experience. There are forensic social workers/psychologists, political careers and sociological, anthropological and research focused opportunities available to you as well.



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