Associates Degree in Criminal Justice: A Realistic Perspective

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How Can I Make A Decision As to Whether the Criminal Justice Field is For Me?

Associates Degree in Criminal Justice: A Realistic Perspective

Many people get into the field of criminal justice with a desire to help people or society as a whole better themselves. For some, entry into this field comes from a humanitarian desire to "make a difference" or reach out to those in need. While these goals are admirable and certainly attainable on a micro-level, this kind of thinking must be examined prior to entry into any service-oriented profession.

The reality is that the magnitude and depth of unjust experiences and situations all over the country (and world) cannot be alleviated by one person or one career. The good news here is that if you have positive intentions and are seeking to make a difference, it is possible to do so on a one-to-one basis by maintaining a strong level of ethics and job commitment.

If you have a difficult time seeing painful truths about people and society or if you tend to internalize other people's sadness, anger and violent behavior it is recommended that you either talk with a professional or trusted companion prior to entering the field of criminal justice. Join with someone who really knows you and be willing to receive an honest answer about your ability to set and maintain internal boundaries. In searching for any new career, particularly when it comes to the field of human and societal relations it is most important to determine your ability to engage and be successful without losing out on the quality of your own life.



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