Associates Degree in Criminal Justice: Salary Ranges

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What Kind of Salary Can I Expect to Make with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice?

Associates Degree in Criminal Justice: Salary Ranges

While each job is going to vary with an associates degree in criminal justice, it is possible to estimate your opportunities and your needs prior to fronting the money to obtain your degree. The research in all areas of specialty in the field-from paralegal studies to homeland security to correctional officer jobs indicates that the salary range to expect is, on average, from the low 30's to the mid 40's.

It is recommended that you do further research on the specific areas of speciality and their related salary ranges. It is also recommended that you not only consider salary when making a career choice (while this is, of course, a major factor to consider), but benefits, job tasks, working environment, and opportunity for advancement (which includes opportunity for further education and salary increase at no additional cost to you). And remember, that if you decide to look for a job in this field, this is a prime time to negotiate salary ranges, because the need for criminal justice employees is dramatically increasing.



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