Associates Degree in Criminal Justice: More Areas of Specialty

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What Are Other Areas of Specialty to Consider with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice?

Associates Degree in Criminal Justice: More Areas of Specialty

It would be impossible to list in a few tips the broad spectrum of career opportunities and specialties within the field of criminal justice. Associate's degree programs offer a wide variety of special interest or curriculum focused options. Some areas to consider, which haven't already been outlined above are:

  • criminal justice administration
  • paralegal studies
  • forensics
  • homeland security
  • legal administrative assistant (secretary)
Jobs in the area of law can be fulfilling, offer great benefits and not involve some of the "dramatic" or even traumatic things you may experience or witness if you choose to have a more hands-on emphasis. That being said, however, those areas of focus may not provide you with the excitement and intensity you may be seeking by obtaining a degree in criminal justice.

As with all degree/career pursuits it is highly suggested that you really research what you are getting yourself into prior to making a decision to commit your time and money (and life) to this endeavor.

  • Go to the library and read about your options
  • Talk to the career counselors at the school that interests you
  • Ask if you can converse with any current or former students with that area of focus (it is very common that students will work with admissions personnel on such matters)
  • Do some online research
  • And remember, that every bit of information you receive will be subjective, so that you will ultimately have to really practice self-awareness and examination to make the balanced decision that is right for you.



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