Juvenile Justice Jobs

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What Should I Expect if I am Interested in a Career in Juvenile Justice?

Juvenile Justice Jobs

One of the areas in the criminal justice system with increased need and fewer educational programs is in the field of juvenile justice. Many people often think of social workers, psychologists and DCFS workers when they think of juvenile justice, but there are opportunities for those with an associates degree in the field as well.

While juvenile justice is certainly an admirable career venture, it is recommended that you really examine your motives prior to entering work with juvenile delinquents. While these adolescents and teenagers have a lot to offer if given the right set of treatment, boundaries and circumstances, it is very difficult to experience what is is like to see such youthful appearance tempered by a great deal of anger, abuse and violence. This field is not recommended for people who have not either worked with troubled teens/young adults or who have not done an ample amount of research on the difficulty in making lont-term changes when faced with juveniles who have been harshly treated, or neglected and responded to this in anti-social ways.



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